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Service Features
  • Sunrise advances all collection costs and fees - recording costs, certified mailing costs, trustee's sale guarantee, publishing costs, etc.

  • Delinquent assessments, fees and costs are collected from the homeowner in the majority of cases.

  • Association receives 100% of its recoverable assessments upon collection from each homeowner. Sunrise "does not" retain a percentage.

  • Sunrise believes in the personal touch by providing you with qualified personnel to answer your questions.

  • Collections are initiated by easy to use forms and can be submitted through our secure portal, just click on the Forms tab.

  • Homeowners can pay by certified funds or we offer short-term payment plans to encourage reinstatement.

  • Homeowners are always treated with the utmost professional courtesy and respect.

  • Our goal is to collect delinquent homeowner assessments quickly and efficiently, not to foreclose on homes or alienate the homeowners.